Talks will be in room B155 at Research Park (College of Engineering).

The abstracts are available in PDF form.

Thursday - November 29, 2007

08:30-09:45 Registration and Breakfast
09:45-09:55 Farhad Shahrokhi (ACG Organizer)
Opening Remarks

Morning Session I (Chair: Mario Szegedy)

10:00-10:50 János Pach (Plenary Talk)
Turán-Type Results on Intersection Graphs of Geometric Objects
11:05-11:30 Gábor Tardos
Coloring Axis-Parallel Rectangles

Morning Session II (Chair: Adrian Dumitrescu)

11:35-12:00 Csaba Tóth
Minimum Weight Convex Steiner Partitions
12:05-12:30 Andreas Holmsen
Intersecting Convex Sets by Rays
12:30-02:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session I (Chair: János Pach)

02:00-02:50 Mario Szegedy (Plenary Talk)
Parallel Repetition of the Odd Cycle Game
03:05-03:30 Thomas Böhme
Communicating in an Unknown Game

Afternoon Session II (Chair: Stephen Kobourov)

04:15-04:40 Daniel Cranston
Discharging and Reducibility: An Introduction
04:45-05:10 Adrian Dumitrescu
On Stars and Steiner Stars
05:15-06:00 Open Problems

Friday - November 30, 2007

08:00-08:45 Breakfast
08:45-08:55 Vishwanath Prasad (Vice President of Research)
Opening Remarks

Morning Session I (Chair: Bojan Mohar)

09:00-09:50 Roberto Tamassia (Plenary Talk)
Authentication of Outsourced Combinatorial and Geometric Structures
10:05-10:30 Stephen Kobourov
Simultaneous Graph Embeddings
10:35-11:00 Michael Schulz
Minimizing Crossings in Several Graphs Simultaneously

Morning Session II (Chair: Jacob Fox)

11:15-11:40 Michael Collins
Distance-Avoiding Sets for Low-Power Authentication
11:45-12:10 Marcus Schaefer
Folding and Spiralling: The Word View
12:15-02:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session I (Chair: Gábor Tardos)

02:00-02:50 Bojan Mohar (Plenary Talk)
Algorithms on Graphs Embedded on Surfaces
03:05-03:30 Jacob Fox
Ramsey-Type Results For Intersection Graphs Of Geometric Objects
04:15-4:40 Rados Fulek
Linear Bound On Extremal Functions of Some Forbidden Patterns in 0-1 Matrices

Afternoon Session II (Chair: Thomas Böhme)

04:45-05:10 Padmini Mukkamala
Drawing Cubic Graphs with Four Slopes
05:15-06:00 Open Problems

Workshop Dinner

07:00 Green House Restaurant

Saturday - December 1, 2007

Morning Session I (Chair: Roberto Tamassia)

10:00-10:50 David Matula (Plenary Talk)
Arithmetic Illiteracy: Algorithms We Were Not Told We Knew
11:05-11:30 Fenghui Zhang
Improved Algorithms for One-Sided Two-Layer Planarization Problem and Sensor Networking

Morning Session II (Chair: Marcus Schaefer)

11:35-12:00 Ovidiu Daescu
Towards An Optimal Algorithm For Recognizing Laman Graphs
12:00-02:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session I (Chair: David Matula)

02:00-02:25 Saad Mneimneh
RNA-RNA Interaction Algorithms
02:30-02:55 Wolfgang Bein
Knowledge States with an Application to Cross Polytope Spaces

Afternoon Session II (Chair: Ovidiu Daescu)

03:00-03:25 Zoran Šunić
Schreier Spectrum of the Hanoi Towers Group on Three Pegs
04:00-06:00 Open Problems